totchipanda (totchipanda) wrote,

I went fabric shopping after work amd got almost nothing i really needed. I talked myself out of skant fabric for now - found perfect colours for TNG but the closest TOS was a little too dark, though in the right tone. I might go back for it anyway.

I got almost 3m of sparkly zebra print to make a dance costume out of, it was $3/m, how could i resist? :D also some fsbric to make knitting bags out of, and more twill tape.

A big storm rolled in this afternoon, big enough to set off a migraine. I was gonna work on sleeves tonight, and i still will, but its gonna be slow going.

And i tried on my stays and shift and bodice when i got home. Theres a very consistent 1.75" excess at CF, and the neckline is perfect! Very pleased!
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