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Hello brainweasels my old friends

After I got my stays punched and home, of course I had to try on the mockup for the duvet cover gown. It fit a little better, still wouldn't meet at the bust but was at least closer, and the neckline looked a lot better with the different shape. I felt it was "now or never" time, but that was late on Monday so I put it off for another day.

As I sat down on the floor to lay out the linen and then decided to iron it and the pillowcases I used for the fashion fabric, that's when the brainweasels decided to chew. I'll never finish it on time, it doesn't matter since it'll be hastily done if I do, no one's gonna notice it, I still don't know what to do with hair, I have to remake my cap, it's all so pointless why bother angst angst despair... And I still took a deep breath and cut it out. And started sewing it after spending like an hour with my fussy slooooowwwww laptop trying to find the CW Facebook post with the sewing technique I wanted to use. I thought I'd saved it but nope! I did this time, and I really like the technique. It creates really nice seams!

It's been a high-anxiety couple of days, and I'm getting through it slowly. Going forward even when I want to give up. Researching on my downtime at work. Making a plan (albeit a very shoddy one consisting little more than of "and when I finish this, I'll start that" with no idea if I'll finish "this" in time! but it's still a plan!) I think I'm going to leave it as a plain gown for now, since the only trimming ideas I currently have would be a blatant copy of [personal profile] mandie_rw's gorgeous gown. maybe a self flounce on the petticoat? Pinked trimming (but i did that on the curtain-along gown)? Sigh... Lots of fiddly things.

Urgh, how does one add boning channels after the bodice is already assembled? I forgot about them despite them being clearly marked on my pattern :/
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