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Dear life, please slow down.

How has it been 8 days already since the last time I wrote? Partly it's because I find being on my computer kind of weird, like if the laptop is open and on, I have to BE ON THE COMPUTER, even if there is nothing I need to do and I end up just faffing about the internet. So I experimented last week and did nearly everything on either phone or tablet, which was much easier to pick up and put down. That's a thing I've been struggling with for pretty much the entire time I've had a computer, esp once the internet was a thing, and quite frankly I'm tired of it. The only things I really lack on a mobile device are decent Dreamwidth apps, reliable Blogger readers, and a good character builder app for D&D/Pathfinder.

Yesterday was the memorial picnic for my friend who was murdered 5 years ago. We went to the food bank and sorted food for nearly 3 hours and then had a tour of their facility (I guess it's usually the other way around, but stuff needed rearranging lol). Amazing what goes into their work. Then we went to her widower's house for a BBQ. It's so sad that we have to have a memorial picnic every year, but at the same time I'm happy to see everyone again. Such a wonderful group of people.

Today was Waterpark day! We seem to end up doing it on Father's Day every year, which I guess is OK lol. The waterpark was so empty! Even the parking lot when I went back to my car, only a few vehicles had filled in, and it had been over 5 hours since I'd parked. SO WEIRD for a tourist attraction.

Last week I had that "omg it's 7 already, where did the time go???" and feeling like I had no time to do anything, except it was *only* 7, and I frequently stay up much later and sew until about 10pm. Plenty of time! I decided to finally make the slip to go with a recent dress make, and totally finished it, from pattern tracing to hemming, by 10pm, and that was including making myself dinner. It felt so naughty to be sewing lingerie, even thought it was literally tshirt material.

Tuesday was Wonder Woman (LOVED IT), Wednesday was my game, Thursday was dance, Friday I had an appointment and then went to see a lovely old sewing machine (he was initially giving it away, and then decided he'd rather make retail money) and did some shopping. Kind of a whirlwind week!

Now it's Monday again almost, and tomorrow is laundry, Wednesday is a work picnic, Friday is game, and Saturday is a birthday party! But it is time to buckle down and get sewing!

The list:
- I would like another shift
- get my stays done
- habit shirt
- white dress
- Disneybounding dress for the pool party
- Star Trek skant for the social
- curtain-along dress
- tea gown
- if I'm feeling very ambitious, a NF gown for Friday, all trimmed out. I cut strips what require hemming and then went "augh so much work"

Someone is hosting a Georgian picnic on July 9 that I hope to attend, but there's also a Regency promenade the day before that I might require a day dress for. I actually want to take apart the pink linen one I never wore and see if I can't salvage it but we will see. I may not attend either event :( The promenade is allowing us the option of an 1860s gown because of Canada's birthday but I just don't know if I have the time or inclination to go that route at this moment.

Alright, enough chatter, time to get some work done :)
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