totchipanda (totchipanda) wrote,

Farewell 2016

I'd say I'm sorry to see you go, but I'm glad to see the back of ya. I'm under no illusions that 2017 will be any better, but the amount of hope for the start of a new year is far better than the seemingly-constant pile-on that was this year.

Today, after a 2.5 hour nap in the morning (getting up at 6am is hard ok), I did my dishes, cleaned the toilet and changed the sheets on my bed. Then I started cutting seams off of my IKEA sheets. I have decided what to do with them! M. lent me her copy of An Agreeable Tyrant. I'm going to make an Italian gown :) (Though I should probably start with stays, I only have the mid-century ones with a stomacher.)

Then I went to my aunt's house to play Settlers of Catan and have ham dinner. Luckily it was ready before I had to go home again to deal with Guido, so I got a yummy meal. He's such a good kitty, taking his shots with minimal fuss. We're going in for the glucose curve on Wednesday.

Now I'm home with a partial bottle of whiskey. Team NoPants in the house! I'm gonna do some crafty stuff tonight. I want to create!
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