totchipanda (totchipanda) wrote,

As I drove away from work today, I saw a great big almost full moon hanging low in the sky. Made perfect sense, then, why my mind was racing. Seriously, it should not be so hard to decide between fabrics. I crocheted a bit (lucky it was break time) and that helped calm it down.

I want to start on my underwears for my 1867 gown, which means chemise and drawers. I've been wanting to start those for a month now, let's get going!!! But I can't decide between fabrics. I'm reasonably confident cotton would be more likely used in that time frame over linen, but the only appropriately-weighted cotton I have is the Indian muslin I bought off ebay 2 years ago. I think it has a similar hand to voile, but I'm not sure. It's very light and sheer. 10 yards packed VERY small when I bought it, but fluffed up a lot after washing. But I wanted to save it for another Regency gown, or a transitional 1790s gown! Dear self, you can buy more. I have about 4 yards left, and 3-ish yards of the 3.5 oz linen. Not enough of either to do both chemise and drawers. So maybe drawers out of linen and chemise out the muslin? Or just start with the chemise and make the drawers later? Sigh, decisions. Then of course, my corset is black, so I should totes make a white one right? (NO. A: It would be the exact same one I made 3 years ago, with the same alterations, because I don't have a busk short enough to make the pattern as-is. NO.) And I HAVE to start with this, because I don't have the patience or wherewithal to start the cage hoop yet lol. I'm also seriously considering hand-stitching it, just cuz. Except I would probably want linen or cotton thread, neither of which I have (or have, but too thick). I doubt silk thread would be appropriate for undergarments. Decisions decisions.

Guido and I are getting into a routine with his shots. He doesn't like them, but that's just too bad. I have to call the vet soon to get his glucose testing scheduled.
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