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Happy thought
I've been wearing my "light" coat again, the one I wear in spring and fall when the weather is cool enough to need a coat but not one as heavy as my "light" winter coat. Even today, when the weather was cold and rainy, and was only a few degrees above freezing. I wore it until the end of November last year, and I wore to my aunt's memorial in October.

At the memorial, my other aunt had a collection of small items for attendees to take as a remembrance. There was stationary sets and souvenier photo cards and a fair amount of jewelry. I picked out a large gold pin in the shape of a Viking sailing ship. Unsurprising, as her family was Danish. I pinned it to my coat, and a month later had to stop wearing the coat.

Today, after a couple weeks of wearing it out again, a stranger commented on it. "I really like your ship pin," he said. "Where did it come from?"

What a good question... I don't know exactly. But I told him exactly that, it had belonged to my Danish aunt and is a fond memory of her for me. "Well," he said, "maybe some day you'll meet someone who will say 'I know exactly where that came from.'" What a lovely idea :)

Cage Hoop Shenanigans
I tried the tubing again and I cut it too short AGAIN, tried to hand-straighten the curl, and also tried the connectors again, and I think this is not the material to use for a cage hoop. Maybe if I could get enough of the tubing into the bag to help hold it's shape, but a bag and some twill tape straps don't seem like they can hold the shape of the cage very well. So I'm on the hunt for alternatives!

Funnily enough my best option may be Truly Victorian... even with exchange, it should cost me under $100 Cdn for a roll of sufficient yardage hooping, whereas every other option (farthingales, Richard the Thread, would put me over. I really, really, really want the cage done before I can really commit to finishing the skirt. There is really nothing stopping me from cutting out my underlining, and I think I will fake the underlining by laying the two together and lining up seams and stitching together. Not the best option, but the overskirt is made from a super shreddy poly and I already serged the seams :( Ugh, I hadn't thought about taking the waistband off yet. What a pain in my butt (and my wallet)!

OK enough whining. Whining is not going to get my outfit sewn!

Clean clean clean~
I've barely been home in what feels like three months. My free time was planned in blocks of hours. Aside from moving things when the downstairs neighbour's ceiling started leaking, picking up after Guido (this was in the middle of his blood sugars going too low, so tons of vomiting episodes), dishes, and sweeping the linoleum parts of my floor, very little cleaning got done. I was SO EXCITED when the show was over, because it meant that I no longer had to plan around classes, and my free time opened up before me.

OK, kind of sort of not really, but it sure felt like it!

After the show I went to my teacher's house with her husband and we had some very very boozy root beer and rye. It was delicious, but also a little strange because its the first time I've been away from Guido overnight since he was diagnosed. (and also because we haven't previously been "drink our faces off" friends). Monday I was off, I had a nap first, then did some errands and went to see Beauty and the Beast (I won't detail my thoughts here yet... but take probably every 18th century costumers opinion and echo it). I got home and took another nap. Tuesday I was back to work, had an appointment (the first time I did not cry out half of my body weight!). Wednesday my game was cancelled, so I took a nap and knitted. Thursday was "free", but I went to bed so early, and unfortunately that meant I woke up at 2:30am. Friday was my other game. Then, finally, the weekend had begun (and I don't know why I woke up just before 7. UGH)

On Tuesday I talked about wanting to make a plan to tackle the state of my apartment. I didn't make the plan, but I had kind of an idea. First I had to vacuum the corner, then I could put the TV stand back where it belonged. Then I could vacuum more of the floor. I decided not to put the small bookcase back, which means it needs a new home, but I didn't really like it where it was anyway. Vacuum vacuum vacuum. I vacuumed the corner of my room that has been empty for months, so I could use it as storage. Took all of the hangers off of my salesman rack so I could FINALLY put it back in the bedroom where it belongs!! The angels sang, I swear, cuz I can see ALL of my living room floor. The IKEA carpet I have down is now not pinned down by ANYTHING. (aaaahhhhhhhh!!!) Then since I was on a roll, I took the two broken microwaves out to my car, and brought the new-old one in. Now, I have decided that I am DONE. I will change my sheets before I get into the shower, and I still need to do dishes, and we won't really discuss the state of the closet at this time, but the floor and the rack and the microwaves were the biggest things on my mind, and they are DONE! HAAAAAAAALLELUJAH!

I also took a nap. It was glorious. Now I am watching curling on TV, and have giraffe cam on YouTube.

I am going to go get a Slurpee and sew to celebrate :) I bought the amazing fabric I wanted back in the fall when I was testing Leimomi's Miramar pattern and it was on SUPER DUPER SALE. Plus I found some brown broadcloth, so I tore off some strips to use on the quilted petticoat, and I have maybe 6 yards of it, which I can use to flatline my Big Project's skirt. I think. Now that my floor is more available, I feel like I can do anything!!

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When did i post last? The app hates loading anything but my friends page o.o

Im so flipping busy right now. I hate it, but its all over next week. The downside is that the ball is BEFORE my recital, so my dress isnt going to have all the decorations i wanted it to have, but i should be able to get those done for the May ball. Ive been cat-sitting a majeatically fluffy cat this past week, and his human gets in tomorrow, but her locks got changed today, so i have to meet up with her at like 1am so she can actually get home. I think i will take my dress over in the evening to spend time with kitty and use her dress form to pin my dress. She has tje fancy hem marker lol.

Been doing some work with my therapist too, and thinking of you productive people to help push through the fog. Thanks for being inspiring :)

I'm pretty sure I know what I want -- no, need to do. The top petal is closer to my inspiration image but is harder to make. Red thread obvs won't be there when I make this for real but was useful for the test. I need a MINIMUM of 48 of these things, but maybe as many as 70. I'm not confident I will have these done to have on my gown before March 25th. but darnit I'm gonna try.

I need to do the thicker piping, don't I...

Riding habit

I did cut and sew up a mockup of the riding habit jacket last week. The bust fit ok, with a decent overlap to allow for buttons, but the waist was FAAAAR too big. I didn't put on stays and the bottom overlapped several inches, enough to distort the lines of the pattern. I don't even know when the last time I made something so large was. I did a search and concluded that a habit needs to fit close, and then stopped thinking about it.

Even just now, thinking about buttons means buttonholes, and the velociraptors wailed its toooooo muuuuuuch woooooooork but by the time i finished writing the paragraph, some other part of me managed to convince them that thats the point.Win?

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I need to work on my gown for the ball at the end of the month but I left it at my friend's house. I don't REALLY have time to work on it before next weekend anyway. But that isn't stopping me from thinking about other projects :D

I've had a riding habit on my list for 2-3 years and now I want to get 'er done! This morning I woke up (way too damn early) thinking about it. I was SO READY to start on the Tailor's Guide pattern buuuuut now that I'm more awake, I'm wondering if that's where I want to go. It's a closed-front, deep-skirted jacket, which isn't precisely bad, but do I want to go mid-century or late-century? I also have the Reconstructing History 1780s habit pattern and have already started the waistcoat (that's stalled on "do I line this thing??" I'm thinking no? But then I have to finish exposed edges somehow). I have a couple of blue wool options in my stash, but I really need to make a decision before I can move forward. I think the lighter blue won't work with the waistcoat colour, so I should stick with mid-century, closed fronts and skirts.

I should also finish the quilted petticoat, and see about getting the materials for my hoop so I can keep working on my Big Project. (She needs a name!) That was stalled mostly because of budget constraints, but I think I did my taxes right and I owe WAY less than both last year and what I had budgeted for so I'm reasonably sure I can go ahead. This is my "extra" pay month, and my car registration is due this month, plus I need to renew my passport before July. On my to-do list!

Last night I went to an amateur drag show put on by the university. I've been going on and off since 2007 with my brainhalf. It was so great! One of her friends won that first year I went and performed last night and AHHH so good! I got home at midnight, and I was out until 1am the night before too. This old gal doesn't handle late nights like she used to lol, even though I had a LOT of fun :D

(in case DW can't crosspost)
I made about 75% of a new Regency gown today. I have a ball to attend next month and I cannot wear the same dress for the fourth time in a row! (Even if I have wicked accessories for it.) If anyone has any ideas of trim for a steel blue/grey satin gown, I'd love to hear it! ETA: Found a great idea!! Now to figure out how to make it.

The fabric is so annoying though, it ripped across the width BEAUTIFULLY, but it refused to rip on grain >:C The only time the panels were the same size was when they were back-to-front. As soon as they were right-sides-together, they were off by 3" on opposite corners. UGH. I think I cut them too long for me anyway, so I squared up one edge and will just have to see how the hemming goes.

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I guess not much to report right now? It's been a weird month, and an especially weird week. No sewing, because I haven't been home too much, or been sick while I am home. I DID change my flight for CoCo to Wednesday, so now I will have an extra day in LA! I'm sure I can keep myself entertained :) Two of the other girls did too, one is currently travelling and can't check her booking just yet, and the fifth said she would check when I first posted about it. Hopefully this is the only hiccup.

Free lunch at work tomorrow. Soooo excited :D

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My flight for CoCo is apparently cancelled so my options to reboo are wednesday morning (direct) or a short layover in seattle on thursday and arriving around 6pm in LA. Decisions!


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