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Farewell 2016
I'd say I'm sorry to see you go, but I'm glad to see the back of ya. I'm under no illusions that 2017 will be any better, but the amount of hope for the start of a new year is far better than the seemingly-constant pile-on that was this year.

Today, after a 2.5 hour nap in the morning (getting up at 6am is hard ok), I did my dishes, cleaned the toilet and changed the sheets on my bed. Then I started cutting seams off of my IKEA sheets. I have decided what to do with them! M. lent me her copy of An Agreeable Tyrant. I'm going to make an Italian gown :) (Though I should probably start with stays, I only have the mid-century ones with a stomacher.)

Then I went to my aunt's house to play Settlers of Catan and have ham dinner. Luckily it was ready before I had to go home again to deal with Guido, so I got a yummy meal. He's such a good kitty, taking his shots with minimal fuss. We're going in for the glucose curve on Wednesday.

Now I'm home with a partial bottle of whiskey. Team NoPants in the house! I'm gonna do some crafty stuff tonight. I want to create!

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This week has been bruuuutal. Im so glad its almost over. One more shift. I was covering the early shift at my regular job, 3 evenings at the mall plus Sunday and today, still trying to get Guido on a schedule, and social engagements on the days i didnt work. I didnt go to one, i stayed home and baked cookies instead, but the other was lovely even if i was out too late and slept thru my alarm. So excited to have my time back. I have big plans to start sewing.

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As I drove away from work today, I saw a great big almost full moon hanging low in the sky. Made perfect sense, then, why my mind was racing. Seriously, it should not be so hard to decide between fabrics. I crocheted a bit (lucky it was break time) and that helped calm it down.

I want to start on my underwears for my 1867 gown, which means chemise and drawers. I've been wanting to start those for a month now, let's get going!!! But I can't decide between fabrics. I'm reasonably confident cotton would be more likely used in that time frame over linen, but the only appropriately-weighted cotton I have is the Indian muslin I bought off ebay 2 years ago. I think it has a similar hand to voile, but I'm not sure. It's very light and sheer. 10 yards packed VERY small when I bought it, but fluffed up a lot after washing. But I wanted to save it for another Regency gown, or a transitional 1790s gown! Dear self, you can buy more. I have about 4 yards left, and 3-ish yards of the 3.5 oz linen. Not enough of either to do both chemise and drawers. So maybe drawers out of linen and chemise out the muslin? Or just start with the chemise and make the drawers later? Sigh, decisions. Then of course, my corset is black, so I should totes make a white one right? (NO. A: It would be the exact same one I made 3 years ago, with the same alterations, because I don't have a busk short enough to make the pattern as-is. NO.) And I HAVE to start with this, because I don't have the patience or wherewithal to start the cage hoop yet lol. I'm also seriously considering hand-stitching it, just cuz. Except I would probably want linen or cotton thread, neither of which I have (or have, but too thick). I doubt silk thread would be appropriate for undergarments. Decisions decisions.

Guido and I are getting into a routine with his shots. He doesn't like them, but that's just too bad. I have to call the vet soon to get his glucose testing scheduled.

And now for something REALLY different.
My cat is diabetic. I noticed him drinking a LOT of water, and then I had to do 2 complete litter changes in 5 days because he was peeing a lot too. I normally only do a complete change when I start a new box. So I called my vet on Saturday morning and they got us in that morning. Now I'm looking at a very different life, one I haven't even thought about all of the implications yet. He needs to be on a schedule while we sort out his treatment, so that means no more late nights going somewhere after work (or missing his dose on that night and starting over in the morning; the vet said it was better to miss one than give him too much), and also getting up earlier to give him the morning dose in a timeframe that works for my schedule too. Going away even for a weekend will be more problematic, nevermind a full-on vacation.

Cats can go into remission, so hopefully we can get him sorted out and into effective management soon!

I started a Gofundme for help covering his medical costs; the initial visit and testing was $266 alone, nevermind the followups and the insulin and etc. I've raised 80% of it, thanks to some really awesome and generous people I know. I cried a lot when I opened the page and saw that (I cried a lot in general this weekend). To say I am grateful is to say that water is wet. I just can't even describe how thankful I am.

Winter finally showed up yesterday, the temperature dropped from around-freezing to -16F in a matter of hours. There was a very brisk wind, and snow, creating snowdrifts and mucking up lane markings, so my drive home from my dance recital was very interesting, but I made it home in one piece. Guido is supposed to go back to the vet today, and I don't really want to take him in that mess, but Gotta get this testing done...

Done! And now for something completely different...
Finished my required words just before 8pm. Woohoo! Another year under my belt, and a novel I'm decently pleased with. There's a lot of wandering, and I didn't even come close to wrapping up my plot, but it's a good foundation, I think. I learned a lot too. To celebrate, I made a deeeeelicious mushroom alfredo, did a sink of dishes, and watched approximately 2 hours of quilting tutorials on Youtube. Cuz I'm determined to start quilting soon. And also I was procrastinating when I started watching them on Sunday lol.

Next I gotta start seriously thinking about dance costumes for Sunday, and practicing, because I haven't done that at all! (shhhh don't tell my teachers)

I've also been thinking about putting some things up on Etsy beyond the ones I already want to put up (hello procrastination... if I were curtains, where would I be?).

Want to start on my Future!Projects, but I probably should start from the skin out. My corset should be OK, it was from an earlier mid-century pattern already, but chemise, hoop and petticoats need to come before anything else. Also taking my skirt apart to flatline it. That should keep me plenty occupied for a month or so. Not this month, too much other stuff happening, but after.

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Just crossed 40k on my novel. 8 days left though comparatively little time to actually spend writing.

Writing finishes soon and dancing shortly after, and though I've taken on holiday work, that's only for a month. I can still plan what I want to sew for when I have free time again :D

-1875 De Gracieuse corset
-more shifts/chemises (at least Regency, mid-1860s)
-elliptical hoop
-petticoats (at least 2)
-take apart the skirt so it can be flatlined
-start pleating a million miles of trim

I want to start the biggest outfit first, to have the most time to do it. I need to have a gown and/or accessories done for the end of March ball

That's more than enough to get me started! Not even including all of the "old" things I want to get off my table!

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After one of you posted about costume in detail a couple weeks ago, i decided to hunt for a copy. I managed to score a used 2nd edition in very goid shape for $21 US shipped. I never see it fir less than $45 CDN! It arrived today. Cant wait to have a good look through it! :)

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Last week's plan toooootally did not happen haha. Writing in the morning apparently only works when I have no other demands on my time. I did get one bin of fabric sorted on Monday, but that was it. Took Tuesday off, donated blood and was subsequently exhausted on Wednesday, spent Thursday feeling really isolated and out of sorts, writing on Friday (and I got a Tea-Rex!), visiting on Saturday and writing on Sunday. Oh well, I had a really relaxing week off, aside from the fall-out of the election. I'm Canadian, but I was really quite horrified by the results, and thankfully everyone I encountered while I was out and about in the days following either didn't talk about it, or were of a similar mind. I live in basically the Texas of Canada and I was really worried I'd have to tell people to shove it out their ears. HUGE hugs to all of my American friends. I don't even have words for how sick I feel over this whole thing.

Costume College 2017
Plans have been set in motion! It's 9 months out, but my friend jumped on a seat sale, posted about it, and then three more of us jumped on it, so flights at least have been purchased, and we've talked about rooms. Now I just need to get the actual passes, and save up money for the actual trip haha. Holy shit! This might be actually happening!

Of course, the very first thing I did after pressing 'buy' was start planning what I wnt to make and wear! I had start planning a couple months ago anyway, "just in case", but now I get to plan it for reals! I had decided in the summer that for Canada's 150th birthday next year, that I wanted to make some 1867(ish) fashions. I have an elliptical skirt I started 4-5 years ago that is waiting to be hemmed, but now I want to take it apart and flatline it as it is very very very light. And since I am on a quest to start early enough to actually decorate my gowns, I am planning on a cute set of pleated ruffles, and I've started to design the ballgown bodice too. I think I'm going to do a plain-ish overskirt with a simple pleat and maybe a couple bows. It's very monochrome right now, so I need to think up ways to bring some colour into it. (Maybe some plaid? I wonder if the store still has that remnant bolt on sale.)

That likely also means a bunch of new undies and an elliptical hoop that will hopefully fit into my luggage. Now I have extra motivation to get the De Gracieuse corset done!

We've also got plans in motion for a bunch of Regency stuff, and the next ball is in March. So excite!

I'm off for the next week, so my plan is to write in the mornings (if I can... the next 3 days are very busy in the mornings), start organizing my fabric stash, and get my Christmas decorations out of the closet, though I have no idea if or where I'm going to to put them up just yet. My living room is still a damn mess because no one's come to fix the window so I can put my room back to rights. And hopefully get some sewing done, that would be very nice :)

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I'm a little unsurprised to find out that last post's anxiety was happening right around the full moon. I didn't know that at time, I looked it up just now. At the same time, I've always had issues surrounding social media, going back well before Facebook was a twinkling in anyone's eye. The timing was horrendous. Removing the pressure to "be connected" was a nice break for my brain. Seriously need to get the ball rolling on getting this shit under control.

I got the open robe finished in plenty of time to wear it to the ball on Saturday, and on Sunday I made up a long ribbon to wrap around my torso. Had a really great time! Mostly I played whist, because that's what I'm there for, but it is SO fun to be in a room with a bunch of other people enjoying the same things, and this time we got the big ballroom that I didn't even know existed in that hotel. It was just stunning. The only downer was that I didn't complete my parking payment on Saturday, so now I have a parking ticket to pay.

I took today off, knowing I would be really tired after all that merrymaking. So I sorted a couple patterns I got from my aunt's estate, finally hung my shirts up, and have otherwise spent my day writing and watching an archaeology series on Netflix. I might get around to sewing today, I might not. I should definitely take a nap though :D


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