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Corsets, Petticoats, and Bustles, Oh my!

Updated to-do list
Or, as I like to think of it, it's the perfect time to panic!

White gown:
  • piece in the front bit that's missing, then hem. I think i will leave the length. the length got tweaked just a bit.
  • trim and stitch up CF And waist
  • sleeve ruffles
  • hem petticoat
  • future: add a ruffle to petticoat, some sort of neckline decoration? None of the extants i looked at had any
  • cap
  • neckerchief (in progress)
  • loops and ties to bustle up the skirt

  • trace the pattern (in progress; the cat likes to try to "help")
  • make a mockup? Won't have time!
  • need fabric and braid
  • convince nicole to make me a badge
  • sew!

Habit shirt:
  • collar
  • ruffle
  • button/holes

Once most of that is done:
  • rehem curtainalong petticoat Not happening.
  • hem curtainalong gown Also not happening.
  • add ruffle to white taffeta petticoat
  • make a white underpetticoat (the blue one doesnt show through at least)

Still so much to do...

Also so many things I just won't get to :( I won't have a pool party outfit ready unless its very last-minute. I won't have a social outfit if I don't get the skant done. I still don't know what I'm wearing on Friday (maybe victorian... I have some things sort of done already), I really should have a petticoat ready for the habit class, and then I thought yesterday that maybe I should bring some Regency stuff? I don't want to pack different eras for every day! (oh i could bring the Game of Thrones outfits, those are nice and also - already done)

I'm also looking at my timing. Like, tonight and tomorrow I have for sewing, Saturday-day I'm going to see my gramma, saturday night I could do stuff but I might be too tired, Sunday is the DO ALL THE THINGS day... laundry, probably jewel-gluing, it's the planned day for K-days... Monday might be the laundry and gluing day instead. Tuesday I will pick up my cat-sitter and get some groceries for them, and of course pack. At some point I need to clean my apartment.

Maybe I shouldn't have written this list lol. I felt more in control before I did.

White dress is done!
All i need is sleeve fluffage :D its all hemmed and ready amd holy shit i cant believe i made this beautiful thing thats decorating Josephine.

Tomorrow I'll start on the accessories!

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One crucial task i forgot was the need to bind the stays... Especially since i went and bought tape for the straps. (i dont haaaaaaave to right? Just secure the ends of the channels?

Gown got hemmed last night, and i think ill do the petticoat tonight. Then maybe the CF and try yo make a decision about the sleeve. What the heck is a round cuff, anyway.
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I better get back to it. Its not gonna hem itself!

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I sort of took yesterday off from sewing. I was going to my mum's to play board games so i sat down to watch youtube videos to refresh my memory on how to play them, and then thought that i really should sew while i watched. Two hours later i had the second sleeve attached to my habit shirt. When i got home i did hems and the shoulder inserts. All i have left is the collar and a ruffle and button/holes.

So there is... 9 nights before i leave. One of those is gaming and one is probably kdays. I have to spend at least one regluing jewels to Jareth, and one packing. So 5 days, most likely. I wrote my to-do list down and it probably looks more intimidating than it is D:

White gown:
-piece in the front bit that's missing, then hem. I think i will leave the length.
-trim and stitch up CF And waist
-sleeve ruffles
-hem petticoat
-future: add a ruffle to petticoat, some sort of neckline decoration? None of the extants i looked at had any
-loops and ties to bustle up the skirt

-trace the pattern
-make a mockup?
-need fabric and braid
-convince nicole to make me a badge

Habit shirt:

Once most of that is done:
-rehem curtainalong petticoat
-hem curtainalong gown
-add ruffle to white taffeta petticoat
-make a white underpetticoat (the blue one doesnt show through at least)

*heart eyes*
My fingers are sore but SO WORTH IT

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Sewing sewing sewing. It occured to me just today that if you have a nice selvege on the front edge you don't need to hem it. Booooring! But im getting through DS9 (doesnt everyone watch sci fi while sewing historic?) and finally getting to the fun part - pleating!

How do i always roll my needle into my cuticle and draw blood? Ouch.

I wanted this done today but it'll probably be tomorrow or Monday, if i include hemming. Then i gotta get back to the habit shirt.

And i printed the skant pattern, but it printed double sided. Gonna have to spend time tracing and lining it up. Some day I'll be prepared fpr a con, but today is not that day.

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Sleeves made. Was happy with my draft/result, but i drafted it from a different gown so it doesnt seem to work quite the same? If i put the sleeve seam where yhe bodice pattern said, the sleeve curves inwards to the body but the back point hits the corner of the back and straps really well. If i rotate it around to where it lies the smoothest, the seam is at the corner of the armscye and the corners at the top are wrong. What do??

Also trying to set sleeves into one-piece shoulders is stupid. Tempted to cut it off and do a pieced strap.

I have a bbq tomorrow so wont get back to it until sarurday. Go go gadget brain!

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I went fabric shopping after work amd got almost nothing i really needed. I talked myself out of skant fabric for now - found perfect colours for TNG but the closest TOS was a little too dark, though in the right tone. I might go back for it anyway.

I got almost 3m of sparkly zebra print to make a dance costume out of, it was $3/m, how could i resist? :D also some fsbric to make knitting bags out of, and more twill tape.

A big storm rolled in this afternoon, big enough to set off a migraine. I was gonna work on sleeves tonight, and i still will, but its gonna be slow going.

And i tried on my stays and shift and bodice when i got home. Theres a very consistent 1.75" excess at CF, and the neckline is perfect! Very pleased!

Hello brainweasels my old friends
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Urgh, how does one add boning channels after the bodice is already assembled? I forgot about them despite them being clearly marked on my pattern :/

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Gpt the holes for my new stays poked in the right spot this time. Of course i immediately had to try them on! And then try on my bodice mockup soon after. It still needs a couple tweaks but the fit is much better with a different silhouette. I feel relatively ok with proceeding, but kind of want to make one more mockup before cutting the fabric and lining. Urk!

I think my last real pattern hiccup now is the skant. And then sewing ALL THE THINGS! 2 weeks... I can do this!


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