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Corsets, Petticoats, and Bustles, Oh my!

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Ive pretty much talked myself into finishing stays before continuing with the dress. I tried on my stays mockup (still just fits, no compression) and then the dress mockup on top and the lower neckline wasnt a problem at all. Then i spent a little time looking at others' creations and decided it bad to happen. So that's this week's project.

Been out of town ever since though, or i would have started already lol. Spent the weekend indulging my nerdy heart. I want to start making time for other things in my life, things i "have no time for". Really its just that i dont make time, i had time for them once, it can happen again.

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FINALLY stitched up the stays I started way back in 2008 (ish), before I knew what the heck a mock-up was good for, before I realized that maybe upholstery weight brocade is MAYBE too heavy for stays, when I was coming to terms with the fact that I was no longer a pattern size 8... and they're too big. Maybe the waist would be OK, but the bust is just kinda there and it gaps. Glad I got that out of the way, and it only took 20 minutes to stitch it up including a bobbin winding. Now I can cross that off my to-do list (unless I want to put the effort into finishing it, and then I could sell it) and work on something else.

Another dreary, snowy day, and my cold isn't a whole lot better, but the local sportsball team won last night and it was awesome, so there's that :)

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I made my pattern, cut and sewed a mock-up, then had to re-make the fronts and try again. I think the back looks great!

 photo 20170422_175004_zpstpaz4zqb.jpg

But the front (version 2) needs a little work...

 photo 20170422_175018_zpsyqwwmftr.jpg

I left the gray cover up to show where my stays show, the horizontal pin towards the bottom is where my stays end, and the horizontal pin up near the waist is where I think the curve should be, this one is just too wide and shallow. Josephine isn't the same size or shape as me, of course, and her waist is smaller than mine, though she is close. I find only a half inch or so off the bottom ought to be sufficient.

I'm also wondering if I should really spend some time on a different set of stays. The ones I have are an earlier style with a removable stomacher that frankly hurt my boobs today (maybe because I am wearing a sundress with a somewhat compressed bustline), and also a later style may change the shape of my torso that I want to account for.

I'm off to the sportsball game, will return to sewing tomorrow. Thoughts and opinions welcome!

(I so need to rehem that petticoat. It puddles on the floor. I need shoes but not that tall of ones!)

Dreary day, but it's been productive. I finally found my oil change coupon, so I booked that last night, and he could fit me in today but I had to take my car there and leave it for the day. Luckily it's just down the street from me, I didn't hurry home and it took me 25 minutes to walk, which included pokemon-walking, -catching, -hatching, and two brief detours (of half a block each) to hit pokestops. I'm just slightly over the mileage (couple hundred kilometers), but it was last done in September, and I'm headed on a road trip next week, so I really wanted it done! I wish I'd put more effort into it a couple weeks ago, but I can't be too hard on myself for that. Would have been nice, but the beginning of April was hella stressful. So.

Finished the taffeta petticoat I started on Monday when I got back, and then took some pictures and nanced about in it and the cotton one for a few mins. I don't have a mirror anymore to check the length, but I think I need to shorten the cotton one. Right now it just brushes the top of my feet without shoes and I think I want it more ankle-baring length. I spent some time last night looking for inspiration pieces, and it seems that a lot of cotton dresses were just plain, simple ones without a lot of fluff. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but it does make my plan a lot easier, since I don't really have one as yet lol. I suppose I can always start plain and add/decorate as I need/want to.

Feeling a little rough today, new office shares air with approx 10x more people than before, so whatever bug is going around decided to set up camp in my throat on Thursday, and screaming my head off at the game on Thursday night did not help. But I think I will start patterning the gown today.

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On Monday I went to my friend's house after work and we both sewed on petticoats. It was fun :) My newest petti (a bit shorter than I wanted because I sillyly didn't buy enough fabric BUT I can make a ruffle for it and that will make it a bit longer) is also almost done - two hours work and only lacking a sewn hem (it's pinned). So much faster to machine sew straight seams hehehe.

Bit of a bad brain week. The but-whyyys are annoying, and nearly had me convinced to give up costuming entirely. So, pressing onwards! Take that you silly creatures!

In other news, hockey playoff fever has the city. On Tuesday or Wednesday I entered a contest to win entrance to a game watch party at the next home game, not expecting to win, but then I DID! The arena of course is sold out and is much too expensive to attend even a regular season game, nevermind getting a playoff ticket, so they've marked off a section of the main concourse and entrance, let a bunch of fans in (maybe they sell some tickets too) for standing room only, and show it on a big screen on the wall. It was INCREDIBLE. We rallied from a 3-1 defecit to tie it up at the end of the 3rd period, and then scored the winner late in overtime. Thank goodness it didn't go later, it was almost midnight, but of course I would have stayed! The crowd was wild, my throat hurt from screaming, my ears were ringing from all the acoustics (terrible! But awesome!), I was sore all over from standing on concrete floors for almost 4 hours, but it was SO worth it! As the streets flooded with happy fans, everyone was cheering and yelling and cars were honking, it was SO great. It's been 11 years since the last playoffs, and the city is super into it! (I know not everyone is, but the people who are really are. I was gonna take my cable box back but playoffs...)

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I spent a bit of time planning this morning, but then I did some measuring and ripping and ironing and then a whole lot of hand stitching and now I have a mostly finished petticoat :) It needs a hem still, though I did pin it up and try it on with shoes but no stays or other undergarments, and trimming. I think I want a self-flounce and a bunch of ribbons or something, I haven't quite decided, but I'm quite pleased with my efforts. The only real downside is that sewing a bunch of fabric in my lap is decidedly hot but it was just under freezing and snowing on and off today, so that meant I couldn't open my window for very long :/

Tomorrow is Cooking and Eating Day, so I probably won't get very far on the rest of the gown, and this week is full of other engagements. On the other hand, I won't need it until the summer, so there's really no rush, except that I don't want to lose momentum, and I also want these things done so I don't have to spend any time at the last minute to do so. Getting too old for that crap!

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I ended up lumping on the couch most of the day. My computer reformat sort of worked, but a lot of the speed issues are still present. I haven't tried to overtax it yet, it slows down while doing 2 things at once and I just leave it alone, so no idea if that's just processing power or if it will lead to overheating and shutting down still. So I knitted a bit and watched Netflix and then headed out to play D&D. One of the other players brought his laptop so we could stream the hockey game. Playoffs are very exciting!

Spring time in Canada: It snowed pretty much all day yesterday. The roads weren't too bad, but of course overnight it kept snowing and then froze, so I guess they're a bit of a mess today. Plan is to stay inside and be a homebody. My dishes are getting out of control again, but other than that, my only plan is to make myself sew something damnit! I have half a waistband and hemming to do on the cheater quilted petticoat, and I just really want to sew the Italian gown.

This morning I spent some time going over the class list for CoCo and made my choices. I picked one class that needed a sewing machine, so I will have to plan for that if I get in. I guess I could always buy a small one and then ship it home. We'll see!

Also on the planning list is deciding on costumes for CoCo! If I go with natural form era Victorian instead of pre-bustle, I will have a lot less headaches trying to get my undergarments on the plane. That's pretty exciting to me! My friend already finished her Friday night outfit, and when I finally read the packet, the first thing I thought of was Maverick and how awesome Jodie Foster looked. Plus for Sunday, a tea gown sounds like just the thing. Saturday I'm really hoping to get into an 18th century themed class that requires being dressed in undergarments, so I'm going to plan for that to be my day outfit anyway (Italian gown here I come!) I'm not planning to do the gala dinner, only the afterparty. If I get into the Thursday class, I will also need to be dressed in 18th century (curtain-along gown 4 years late??). That leaves Friday. Phew, that's not so bad, actually.

OK, enough wool-gathering. Gonna eat my breakfast and then get crackin'.

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Testing a different app for DW on my phone while my computer is reformatting. Con: can't read my friends page. Pro: spelling corrections work!

My new job is going well so far, for all that ive been there 2 days. The specifics are different, and of course the particulars are very different (let's just say that it's at a company a LOT of people want to work at) but overall its the same job ive been doing for the past 3 years. My trainer said that i was a lot more comfortable on day 2 than day 1, and i was, because most of the terror had worn off. Maybe thr best part is the kitchen - catered breakfast and good coffee.

Weekend is here and i havent made any decisions or a plan. I think i am going to work on 18th century stuff. At this point i cannot count on being able to finish my hoop any time soon :( which means i need plans! ALL the plans!

I did pull out a book to compare patterns at least. I'll get there.

More work-talk
First day at new job went well! I felt so bad leaving and not telling anyone, but as my therapist said, would anyone actually be mad at me for pursuing an opportunity? Not likely. And I saw my boss today and mentioned it, and she said nah, it'll be fine.

To celebrate surviving my first day, I am treating myself to pizza. Super thanks to my brain-half's other half for stopping in and delivering a high five in my first half hour :)

Got my registration packet for reals! Still have to wait a few days, but I may need those days to plan! Also trying to plan my sewing. After pizza is in my belly, I will think about those things.

Hockey playoffs start tonight for my local team! Woooooo!!

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I woke up Way Too Damn Early (tm) again, from a rather intense dream about leaving my office. My cat was playing with something on the floor, I'm not entirely sure what... And then I was Awake, and the room was just starting to lighten, and the birds were just starting to wake up, and it was 6am...

Well im up. I was looking at Instagram, and holy shit y'all, you looked amazing!!

Then it got me thinking. What I WANT to work on right now is NOT what I "should" be working on. I "should" be working on the Big Project, because I want it done for Dominion Day on July 1, and I want it trimmed the way a Victorian gown should be, but I also don't waaaaaaaaanna. What I want to work on is a bunch of 18th century stuff, notably the Italian gown planned for the IKEA duvet set. But even there I wonder if I should do other stuff first, like make a chemise (or remake the one I did 3 years ago) with narrower sleeves first, or make later-period stays, or or or.

I didn't realize it right away because the rest of my life is currently low stress, but these are the anxiety monsters of the ankle-biter size that prevent me from doing anything because I can't make a decision. They don't seem so bad because they are in proportion to the other stressors, but they are bad enough. So, laying it out for myself -- a new chemise not strictly necessary until I'm ready to fit sleeves. New stays are probably not STRICTLY necessary, but I also have a pair started from the Butterick pattern that I cut nearly 10 years ago. Plus I already have the boning necessary to fit those. (Should I finish the corset I started fitting last summer??) I don't have to start on the gown right away - the petticoat will be fine.

I need a plan. Today I have plans with my mum, and then work is kind of a circus this week, but I need to make a plan, and I want to have it in place by Thursday evening so I can spend my Easter weekend sewing. Sewing is my happy place and it should not be causing me this much distress!

OK, I've let anxiety drive the bus long enough. Gonna finish my coffee and rip some fabric.


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